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The reality is that many people have over looked that 85% of all diseases, infections, viruses, and allergies that plague the human body come from parasites! Research studies indicate that nearly every country around the world recommends a parasite cleanse at least twice a year.hhh Doctor’s notations state that almost every health condition known can be connected with parasites in some way. One parasite can lay as many as one million eggs in the human body in one day!

Some common ways to contract parasites are, (walking barefoot, breathing them in, touching public doorknobs, handrails & toilets, kissing, having sex, shaking hands, putting your fingers in your nose mouth or eyes, signature pens, elevator buttons, cell phones, and petting animals). Animals clean their butts with their tongue then the animal cleans their fur, you pet the animal absorbing parasites directly into your skin or allow the animal to lick your face or body transmitting parasites. If you have pets you have parasites.

Parasites eat your food and use your body as a breeding ground sucking your body of energy, nutrition, and life force then poop their waist inside you making your blood, lymph, and tissues toxic. We are living in their sewage. Did you know one third of your poop isn’t even yours? It’s waist that’s been pooped out by parasites. You think your clean think again. Everyone has parasites and they’re everywhere. It’s almost impossible not to come in contact with parasites!

Parasites live in meats and sushi. For example one square inch of sushi contains 10,000 larva parasite eggs that begin hatching the minute you eat it. These parasites can live inside you for decades.

There are hundreds of thousands of types of parasites ranging from huge worms to the single cell ameba that can cross the blood brain barrier and begin digesting your brain and other organs such as your liver, heart, and kidneys. Parasites are living alien creatures that live off of others. This is something we all need to take very seriously, its scary its real and its serious. These monsters live inside us eat our bodies and control our emotions, urges, and thoughts. Scientists are just now beginning to discover how powerful and disturbing these hidden monsters can be.

Our cells are controlled by chemical signals. Parasites emit a chemical that directly affects our behavior, thoughts, decisions, and urges. Think about that! Something inside us that’s not us causing us to make unsafe decisions so we eat, drink, and do things that benefit the parasite including physical contact with other people so the parasite can spread. Why do we eat food and do things we know are bad for us? Why is this so hard to resist?

Discover Magazine quotes every living thing has at least one parasite living inside of it and humans have far more.

Common signs of parasites: tired a lot, adrenal exhaustion, depression, anxiety, gas & bloating, over weight, under weight, sleep a lot, itching, weakness, headache, no appetite, hungry for sweets and carbs, flu symptoms, skin problems, ache, arthritis, joint pain, eczema, dermatitis, sinus or lung problems, lumps under the skin, cysts, diarrhea, constipation, IBS, stomach cramps, digestion problems, nausea, overly dry lips, vision & eye problems, nerve damage, nagging cough, heart problems, fluid retention, female problems, cramping, big stomach, or blocked intestines, you might very well be host to one or more parasites.

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Divine Massage Therapy News Letter July 2013

Today's story is and overview concerning parasites in the human body. Most people are completely unaware of parasites in their body. Consider watching this youtube link after you read this story.