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XOCAI Chocolate is registered by the United States Government to enhance health. You can get healthy by eating this chocolate!

XOCAI Chocolate is VEGAN AND COLD PRESSED it is not processed.

XOCAI has been preserved in its whole form/ flash frozen at best!

XOCAI Chocolate has contracted a hundred and eighty scientists and spent over eleven million dollars in research. Scientists have perfected and combined the Cocoa bean with the Acai Berry and Blueberry. This perfected product was patented and the secret sauce was given the name Shovita.

Only four people in the world have this recipe!


1. XOCAI is loaded with Flavonoids and Bioflavonoids

Flavonoids stop cancer cells from growing

2. XOCAI Chocolate contains the highest source of Magnesium in the world!

3. XOCAI is loaded with B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6 vitamins

4. XOCAI contains vitamin C and Calcium

5. XOCAI is good for your gums

6. XOCAI is anti bacterial

7. XOCAI helps repair the Liver and is a type two liver detox!

8. XOCAI is the equivalent of a 15% sunscreen.

9. XOCAI protects immune function, protects heart and brain functions.

10. XOCAI gets rid of ache

11. XOCAI is and anti aging super food.

12. XOCAI enables those who want to shed the excess weight to do so easily.

13. XOCAI curbs hunger while bringing down inflammation and allowing the body to work better and not store food as fat.

14. XOCAI Cocoa bean has significantly more antioxidants than any other fruit or veggie in the world!

15. Dermatologists and Estheticians have stated that XOCAI Xophoria Anti-Aging Cream applied on the face by-passes the Liver and directly affects the brain through the sense receptors giving the individual and immediate sense of wellbeing. Some more benefits are XOCAI tightens and freshens dull tired skin, reduces red/ blotchy spots, lightens “age spots” and uneven pigmentation, evens dimpled skin texture, fights sagging/ improves resistance to gravity, smoothes wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet. XOCAI Anti-ageing cream reduces bags under eyes, protects skin from sunlight and free radicals while XOCAI’s anti-oxidants helps prevent the darkening of skin cells while simultaneously promoting toning and lifting of our skin, and simulating collagen & elastin production.

16. XOCAI relieves acute inflammation! Acute inflammation is when you become bruised or when you become injured. The areas swell up and become red or inflamed and slows down the healing process.

17. XOCAI relieves chronic inflammation! Chronic inflammation is also referred to as long-term inflammation, accumulating damage, or long-term free radical damage. A couple examples of this type of inflammation are: high blood pressure and Diabetes!

Most don’t recognize this type of “long term inflammation” as it is below the pain threshold and the pain sensors are not alerting us.

Cell Phones are another example free radical damage that’s hits our bodies.

Cell Phones produce chronic inflammation in the brain. Cell phones give our bodies 10,000 hits of electricity or electrons per second. These radio waves or radiation waves are very dangerous to our bodies. As the human body works on 60 Hertz per second. There are currently many cases of cell phone companies currently under lawsuit because of cell phones bringing on cancer. These types of situations are vastly becoming and epidemic.

Other examples of free radical damage are self-induced stress, carbon monoxide/ air pollution, pesticides in our fruits and vegetables, many shampoos conditioners, and certain types of soaps contain free radicals as well as many household-cleaning products. Florescent light bulbs also produce free radical damage.

Free radicals are everywhere and they have the power to destroy our bodies.

Free radicals eat up the antioxidants that we have in our bodies. By consuming XOCAI healthy chocolate on a daily basis it is a sure fact and the easiest ways to receive our daily amount of antioxidants. Another truth is antioxidants are the safeguards that we all need to protect ourselves.

Are you eating your 10,12 fruits and vegetable per day? If not then you are not receiving your daily amount of antioxidant protection. You may want to consider supplementing your health with OXCAI healthy chocolate!

XOCAI is loaded with Anti-Oxidents. Anti-Oxidents Lengthen Telomeres in the cells that are in our bodies. lengthening Telomeres lengthens life span and enables the body to look and feel younger!

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