Mission 2012

Divine Massage Therapy will

* Help empower those who are ready to create a life full of conscious living and positive human interaction.

*Establish and meet personal life goals, provide emotional education, confidentiality, support and guidance, through wellness of mind body and spirit.

* Respect the boundaries and beliefs of all clients while at the same time challenging them to their fullest capabilities.

* Assist those seeking relief from pain or those seeking maximum fitness performance.

* Improve synergy of intuitive mind body abilities that is present within us.

* Fosters a positive and healthy environment utilizing the highest quality energetic hands-on therapies from licensed and insured massage therapists plus nurturing functional training to maintain your total well-being for the duration of life.

Mission 2011

“Our mission as Therapists is to develop and empower people to the best of their abilities.”

We will help you establish and meet personal life goals through wellness of mind and body. Whether you seek relief from pain, wish to enhance your maximum fitness performance, or wish to learn more about what synergy of mind and body can do for your everyday life, we are here to guide you.

Through the improvement of mind body flow, new abilities can be attained that will help you focus on a positive daily health routine. We foster a relaxing yet energizing environment, utilizing the beauty of South Florida. Our collaboration will help you to view the stresses of your everyday life in a different light, allowing you to see and enjoy life as you desire.

You will be provided with the highest quality hands-on therapies from licensed message therapists plus nurturing functional training to maintain your total well-being for the duration of your life.

“Recognize God and goodness in every face. "Love and serve all humanity. Assist everyone.”

"Seek the consciousnesses that that WE ARE ALL ONE.

At DMT , our mission as Health Professionals is to develop and empower people to the best they can be. Our focus is to help you achieve your healthy living and wellness goals. Whether your goals are instant pain relief, finding peace through massage and meditation or reaching your maximum fitness performance, we are here to help, motivate and inspire you. DMT Wellness Miami Beach Massage aims to the improvement of function of your entire body, while calming your mind. We have developed a healthy, relaxing and energizing environment to provide you with an escape from the every day. We will work closely with you to identify the best hands-on massage therapies, exercises and peace-centered activities to improve your life.

Take a break from the every day and honor yourself to nurturing functional training, and a Miami Beach Massage. Our entire practice is focused on helping you maintain and strengthen your total well-being, health and vitality levels now and in the future.